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Haitang Bay Gloria Resort Sanya faces the Wuzhizhou Island Diving Area, famous for its abundant marine wildlife

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Wuzhizhou IslandTianya Haijiao Scenic AreaYalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest ParkThe Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

The Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

The Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone is located 40 km (24 miles) southwest of Sanya City in the Hainan Province. Countless visitors flock to the area, drawn by the beauty of Nanshan Mountain (South Mountain), making it a principal eco-tourism zone. Visitors also are attracted to the area because of the profound Buddhist influence on the surrounding culture. The zone features three theme parks: Buddhism Culture Park, Blessing and Longevity Park, and Hainan Custom Culture Park. Buddhism Culture Park was developed to portray the Buddhist culture and help people understand its profound philosophy. Highlights included the Nanshan (South Mountain) Temple, the statue of the South China Sea Kwan-yin Bodhisattva, the China Buddhism Culture Institute and the Kwan-yin Park. Visitors are awed by the giant sea-side statue of Kwan-yin which stands 108 meters (353.33 feet) high.

Tianya-Haijiao (The End of the Earth) Scenic Area

Tianya-Haijiao (The End of the Earth) Scenic Area is located in the southwest of Sanya, 23kilometers away from the downtown. It faces the sea with Maling Mountain as the background. Here, the sunny sky, blue sea, smooth beach, magnificent rocks, fishing boats coconut palms make up picture like landscapes, and thus it has been rated among the national AAAA-level scenic spots. Particularly, tourists are always attracted by its special rocks carved with Chinese characters Tianya-Haijiao (the End of the Earth). Since the ancient times, a lot of officials and scholars have left their footprints here and carved poems on those rocks standing on the seashore. The End of the Earth arouses a deep emotion among Chinese people. Today, the well-known scenic spot, embodying traditional Chinese culture, has become the symbol of Sanya tourism and attracts millions of visitors every year. To see the Great Wall in the North and see Tianya-Haijiao in the south is a dream of many Chinese tourists

Sanya Nanshan Dongtian Park (Daxiao Dongtian)

Sanya Nanshan Dongtian Park is located at the southwest corner of Mt. Nanshan. It is a scenic spot of national grade AAAA. And it is the southernmost travel holy land of Taoism culture in China. Blessed with wonderful view of the sea, mountain, stone and grottos, it has been developed into a scenic spot since Song Dynasty, which is over 800 years ago. Some call it "unparalleled scenic spot in Hainan ". It is an international scenic spot with the theme of traditional Chinese culture (Taoism culture), having the seashore spot, amorous feeling of folkways, rest and vacation.
Wuzhizhou Island

Named “Guqizhou” in ancient times and covers an area of 1.48sqkm, the island is in irregular shape, extends 1400 meters from the east to the west, and 110 meters wide from the south to the north. The island is 39km from downtown Sanya, is one the few islands in the surrounding of Hainan with fresh water resource and rich vegetations. Though Wuzhizhou is situated quietly at a distant corner, it’s very charming for the set-off of small islets, blue sky, azure sea and white clouds. The northwestern part of the island is specially set for swimming pool, ballroom, beer hut, gymnasium and other recreational facilities. Tourists on the island can go for sunbathing, seawater bathing, diving, motor boating, marine fishing and many other beach and water sports. Wuzhizhou lives up to its fame in terms of perfect reserve of corals, where hard and soft corals pile in multi layers in various colors. With so diverse tropical fishes and corals, Wuzhizhou is an exclusive location for divers.

Shenquan Valley Hot Spring Park - Number One Hot Spring in China

Well known as the “Number One Hot Spring in China”, the Shenquan Valley Hot Spring Park is located at Sanya Nantian hot spring town, which still reserved the marvelous sight of the only visible bubbling spring in the town for the tourists. The average water temperature is 57.6 degrees celsius, belonging to the low temperate warm mineral water. Experts of the China Mineral Deposit Committee and the Ministry of Health have made the appraisal that the hot spring water is rich in multiple minerals, such as hydrogen sulfide, metasilicic acid, manganese, zinc and fluorine beneficial to the human body. Shenquan Valley is one hot spring park full of tropics and foreign character and style. It was the first original ecology forest type SPA spring in Hainan Province. The park occupies approximately 13,320 square meters, having altogether a total of 55 spring ponds of various kinds. The rich & hot spring resources will make you feel tender and at ease.

The Deer Turning-round Park (Luhuitou Park)

The Deer Turning-round Park (Luhuitou Park), located in the southwest of Sanya, opened in 1989, total area is 82.88 hectare. There are 5 mountains, the highest is 181 meters. The park surrounded by the sea one side, the other side near to the downtown of Sanya. It’s a good place to look the sea, sunrise and sunset, also the unique place to overlook Sanya. There is a beautiful story behind the Deer turning-round Park: Long long ago, a young hunter lived in Wuzhi Mountain, who was brave, hard working and warmhearted. One day, he found a beautiful deer when he was hunting. He chased the deer, crossing 99 mountains and wading 99 rivers. Finally, after nine days and nights, they reached a cliff beside the sea, there was no way out. While he raised the bow, fire flashed and fog came up, the deer turned into a beautiful girl. So the fact was that a fairy took a fancy to the young hunter and change into a deer to bring him to the beautiful place. They fell in love, married and settled down here. A village came into being gradually and was called Deer Turning Back. Now, here is the Deer Turning Back Park.


Yanoda is originally a phonogram consists of Ya, No, Da, indicating the numeral words "one, two, three" in the Hainan dialect. Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone has put new meanings to these phonograms: "Ya mean innovation", "No" represents promise and "Da" refers to practice. The concept of Yanoda here intends to perpetuate the native cultures and exhibit the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Yanoda Rainforest Tourism Zone is situated apart from 18km to the high way of Sanya-Haikou, and only 35 km from the downtown of Sanya City. The site has a total planning area of 45 square kilometers encircled by an ecological protection area of 123 square kilometers. Visitors here can feel tranquility and the mystery in the deep forest, enjoy the joyfulness of playing waterfalls, and experience the pleasant surprise and the quiver of emotion on the fantastic sky bridges in Yanoda.

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